What is a Certified Birth Doula and Why Would I Want One?

Hiring a certified professional birth doula provides assurance that the doula has excellent skills, vast experience and practices with the highest standards and under a strict code of ethics. A certified doula offers continuous physical and emotional support and assistance to the birthing person and her partner in gathering information. The doula's encouragement, reassurance and practical knowledge of comfort measures and labor enhancing techniques can decrease discomfort and ease anxiety for the birthing person. The doula does not usurp the father's or partner’s role but enhances it by providing support and guidance in how to assist the birthing person. The doula's nurturing patience, expertise and commitment to childbearing families can help them to have safe and satisfying birth experiences. The positive effects of doula support have been documented through many studies – labors are shorter, there are fewer complications, birthing people are more satisfied with their experiences, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily. 


Comprehensive Birth Doula Services

The Doula Experience offers you a prenatal consultation in the comfort of your own home where you can become acquainted with your doula team and discuss plans for your birth experience. You are encouraged to stay in communication with your primary doula throughout your pregnancy in order to develop a comfortable relationship and to keep each other informed of schedules and circumstances. Once labor begins, the birthing person and her partner receive the ongoing support of a doula throughout the entire birth experience. Labor support is provided both at home and at the hospital, according to your needs and desires. Following the birth, the doula who attended you will offer an in-home postpartum visit to discuss the events of the birth and provide any further assistance during your transition to parenthood.  


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Information Packet and Agreement for Birth Doula Services

Review this Information Packet and Agreement for Birth Doula Services, which details the level of support and guidance you can expect from your team of doulas, what they need from you to provide you with individualized care and the terms of the agreement. The fee for comprehensive birth doula services by both a primary and co-doula is $850.00, which can be paid by check or money order, cash or through PayPal. 


In order to secure doula services, please first contact Sunday for information on the availability of Doula Experience doulas before signing the Agreement and making any payments. 

Sunday Tortelli has received the prestigious advanced certified birth doula designation.